Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Design Ramp and How does it work?

Design Ramp is a Global Digital Platform or Online Marketplace for the worldwide Architects, Interior Designers and Planners. It’s a community where thousands of professionals get high quality verified Service Requests for Home Interior or Improvements in their preferred location. The professionals choose Design Ramp because of HRV which stands for: H (High Quality Leads)- We provide great quality, new customer leads that come from trusted sources and have a complete overview of the project. R (Real Time Leads)- The professionals get business leads which constantly flow in our system from a wide variety of digital sources. V (Verified Leads)- We verify each & every service request which flow in our system so you don't have to waste time with bogus leads.

3. How can I be sure that the Service Requests on Design Ramp are Genuine?

Every single Service Request on our portal goes through a Verification Process in which the customers are contacted and all their Home Interior requirements are gathered. Then a member of our team reviews the details to ensure that it has all the required information before it is uploaded in the Marketplace on our portal.

4. How can I access the Lead Details kept on the Marketplace?

Visit or download Android App of Design Ramp from the Play Store. As a new user you need to Sign Up first to access the details of the Service Request on the Marketplace and start Online Lead Shopping of your choice. Download the Design Ramp App from the Play Store for convenience and buying Leads on the go.

5. How convenient is the Design Ramp Android Business App?

As a new user first download the Design Ramp App from the Play Store and Sign Up to create your account. For an existing user you just need to login with the same credentials to connect 24X7 to your Potential Business in your preferred location. You can view and buy the latest leads at your convenience with the Credit/Debit Card or Online Banking through renowned and secured Payment Gateway of PayPal or CitrusPay.

6. What is Marketplace at Design Ramp?

A Marketplace is where the Professionals get access of the latest and verified Service Requests for Home Interior or Improvements in their preferred location. They can view the details of the project and start online lead shopping as per their convenience at a very reasonable rate. Registered Professionals at Design Ramp are also get Lead Alerts on Mobile App/SMS / Email and through calls so that they can be the early bird to win the deal.

7. How does Marketplace work?

As a Professional you need business and to get good business leads you need a source. Marketplace is just like a shopping mart where you buy High quality, Verified leads based on your preferences. The price per lead depends on various factors such as the Type, Size and Scope of the project. Here’s a summary of what to expect:
Lead Notification:
• We send you a lead notification through the Mobile App, SMS, Email and Call.
• Once in the Marketplace you get the details of Project Overview and if interested then buy the Lead for accessing full customer details.
Contact the homeowner:
• Once you have the Customer Details you can contact them directly through Call / SMS / Email Etc.
• We recommend contacting the homeowner within 15 minutes of receiving the lead to have the best chance of winning the deal.
Winning the deal:
• We take customer consent for up to how many responses they want and as per the given consent allow max up to 10 home service professionals to respond to a lead, giving the homeowner a few options to consider. The homeowner decides who to hire.
• Once hired, you will work out the details with the homeowner to get the project done and they will pay you directly.

8. Why should I join the Design Ramp Marketplace?

Design Ramp being a Professional company and expertise in Online Media Promotion receives good numbers of service requests for Home Interior or Improvements, daily from the homeowners. Being a part of the Design Ramp Marketplace gives you access to these quality, targeted homeowner leads that are looking for home service professionals exactly like you.

9. How do I sign up for the Design Ramp Marketplace?

Visit and go to Marketplace and Sign Up using the Link . Fill up the mandatory details and click Sign Up. Now you have all the access to view our Marketplace as per your preferred City and Lead of your Interest. Please get in touch with us at or +91 911 224 0456

10. Will I have Choice of leads?

Yes! In your City of Operation you will have Commercial & Residential Segments under which you can view the different Project Overview, Project Verified Date & Time, Sq. Feet Area, Project Location etc. before you decide which one to buy.

11. How do I Contact to leads?

As soon as you have bought the Lead, you will be able to communicate with the homeowner via Call, SMS or Email. We want you to close as many deals as possible. For a higher chance of success, here’s what works best for Design Ramp most successful home service professionals:
• Replying quickly. The average response time should be below 30 minutes.
• Proactive communication. Don’t ask the homeowner to call you. You should proactively reach out to a lead to ensure you’re one of the first home service professionals they talk to, not your competitors.
• Messaging and calling the homeowner. If a homeowner is not responding to your call then pls. put a sms informing your brief details and you will call back again after sometime. Also send your details on the Email ID. If the homeowner has specified they want to be called or messaged, be sure to follow up with a phone call after you have messaged them.

12. Why do leads have different prices?

The price of a lead is dependent on market supply and demand, as well as other factors such as project size and service category. Larger jobs (like Full Home Renovation/ Interiors) will cost more than smaller jobs (like only False Ceiling or Modular Kitchen). Remember, there are no monthly subscription or sign-up fee, Ever!

13. If the homeowner decides to work with someone else, will I get any Refund?

If a homeowner decides to hire another home service professional after you bought the lead, you will not be entitled for any Refund. Purchasing a lead does not guarantee a job. For more details on Refund kindly refer the site or App for the Refund Policy.

14. What if I receive a “bad lead"?

Our team works hard to ensure you always receive the Best Quality, Verified Leads however, in the rare case that you receive a bad lead with incorrect contact information, you may be eligible for a credit by contacting To be eligible for a refund, Negative response by the customer who denied that they never placed any service request related to the home interior, to us or they don’t want such kind of services at all. Buyer should have the receipt or proof of purchase as well. Claim should be made within 15 days from the date of purchase of the lead.

15. Will I get Invoice of my purchase?

Yes, every lead purchased will be given a proper invoice on your registered email ID.

16. How much do Leads at Marketplace cost per month?

We don’t bind our customers with Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly or Yearly commitments. You are free to buy any lead of your choice till it is labelled as OUT OF STOCK.

17. What is OUT OF STOCK Lead at Marketplace?

A lead which is bought by a number of Professionals as desired by the customer is labelled as OUT OF STOCK.

18. How many Professionals can buy the same lead?

It depends upon the customer. Home and business owners are often seeking bids from multiple contractors. Therefore, we'll distribute a lead to up to four contractors maximum. We take the customer consent for up to how many responses they want and as per the given consent we allow home service professionals to respond to a lead, giving the homeowner a few options to consider.

2. How is Design Ramp different from others?

Design Ramp is committed to providing the absolute best experience available, and this begins with supplying our service providers with quality leads generated from our trusted sources.

Design Ramp calls each homeowner after a service request has been submitted. This enables us to verify the accuracy of the information that has been provided and review expectations for the homeowners before it gets uploaded on the Marketplace.

We understand that not every lead purchased will turn into a deal. We therefore offer various discounted pricing opportunities so that one may purchase more leads and hopefully win more deals, all without spending too much money and providing a good return on investment.