After sticking to a house for years, you might want to renovate it or maybe put it for sale. Doing so would not be easy without some sugar coating. Approach any dealer & the best he would be able to do is, ask you to remake your house so that it becomes convenient for sale. Sure there are dealers in the market that might be perfect at their job & get your work done with a whole lot of dedication. The fact is, no matter how professional a dealer is, if the home is not well beautified & does not appeal to the customer, his family & friends, no-one would be willing to invest on it. A good agent will do wonders in convincing the customers to sell your house, but that can be possible only when the house is worth the price.

It might sound like a time consuming plan but it really isn't. The good news is that you can increase the value of your house without having to spend a lot & in a relatively short amount of time. Find out how-

Work on Exteriors- Almost the entire span you spent in that house, all you ever thought was how to make your walls gleam, upgrade furniture & do real beautiful stuff to make your interiors look appealing. Whereas, any potential buyer would avoid moving into the house once he finds out that the exterior walls are not well maintained.  Invest on painting the exterior walls. Choosing bright colors to paint the exterior walls would be a wise decision.  This will automatically attract the customers such that they would want to move in & take a walk in the house. 

Refresh your kitchen- Most of the buyers who are willing to purchase a house for a family, prefer taking a quick glimpse at the kitchen first, since it is the most used by women & is a tough choice to make. It would definitely be a time consuming job to change the entire kitchen area. The least you could do to give it an upgrade is, simply apply a new coat of paint, in a color that works well with the space. Give your island a splash of paint too. This will lead you to a fresh & attractive kitchen space & will increase your home’s value for sure.

Lightings- Considering that lighting is the most important aspect of a house, make sure to have enough lights in the house to give it a brighter look. It automatically creates a positive mindset. Most of the houses have enough windows that lead to natural light in the house & hence do not require to do a lot with lights. Having a lot of Natural light in the house does not need artificial lighting & hence creates a value added impact on the customer’s mindset.

Landscaping- Greenery attracts any buyer in the very first glimpse itself. Hence, it is perhaps the best idea to create a garden. Having a large space outside the house can be best utilised by adding flowers, mowing grass & some beautiful outdoor seating. It becomes a usable space for the customers and is something people would love to pay for.

Make use of these easy ideas & increase the value of your Home. Even if you do not want to sell it, it becomes a beautiful place to stay for yourself & the members in the house.

After all, a Happy Home leads to a happy family.

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Visit a five star hotel, a beautiful resort or even a celebrity home, the comfort that we get in our own house fails to match with any other. Least it does is, it triggers our mind to bring the same kind of luxury to our own house. Undoubtedly, it sounds like it would cost us Kidney, arms or legs to do so, which seems an expensive plan but it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. 

Design Ramp would love to introduce you to a few ways to bring luxuries to your home at affordable prices:

Declutter- The first & best way to create your home a lavish place to stay, is to make it free from clutter. Remove all the unnecessary pieces of furniture items that are no longer in function or can be manageable without. Simplify the clutter. Start with one room that needs a makeover the most. Get rid of the products that are no longer in use or have already expired. Continue doing the same with the rest of the rooms. Once you’re done, step back and assess how the room makes you feel as you stand in it, you will notice that the room suddenly starts gleaming from natural light, feels fresh & gives you vibes of luxury.

Upgrade the lightings- Lighting is one thing that has an immediate effect on how the room feels, it might feel either dull or luxurious. In case, if you haven't paid a lot of attention, the lightings at your home might already be out of trend. You need not change the entire light fixtures, switching to expensive lamps or chandeliers is one thing, the best you can do is, choose to invest in dim lights for adding a soothing effect throughout the house. This need not be a huge expense and can easily add some luxury in your home. 

Bathroom fixtures- Changing your bathroom fixtures or adding some decor in it like framed prints, pots or decorative hooks can easily make it look like the one in a luxury hotel. If you’ve been lucky enough to have a large space in your bathroom, convert it into a spa space, if not, give it the best minimalistic look. Update the towels, linens and place some aromatic candles, that will leave you & the other residents of the home and guests feeling calmed and relaxed.

Update your cutlery- If you’ve been serving the same old cutlery, update it with the latest trend. This might be a cost effective way to add modern luxury to your home. Doing this will lead you to excitement while serving breakfast to your family or even serving to your guests while house parties. Prefer bronze or black matt cutlery so as to give it a richer look. 

These were some smart ways of adding luxuries to your home without spending a lot of money. Choose colours and fabrics that will match the rest of your home and decor. Add draperies matching the theme of the house. Believe, that your house can look luxurious without having to do a lot. Focus on basics & you’re almost there.

Try out these ideas which will definitely not cost massive expenses and will do your house wonders. Do share pictures of your luxurious house & let us know if these worked out well!

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Updated: Aug 29, 2020

We’re all fond of spending quality time, watching films with family & munching on to mom’s delicacies in the house. While the book-lover in us is almost always in search of a cozy corner to spend some time connecting to our favourite authors by reading their well written books.

Reading books is a practise which creates cognitive engagement & improves a person’s concentration & thinking skills and hence, nobody likes disturbance while reading them. Most people prefer creating their own reading corners in their house. These may not necessarily be huge, you can literally choose one particular corner of your living room.

The main purpose of creating one is that it is meant to be relaxing & thus needs a lot of personalization. You need to first decide what would make it look cozier? To most of us, it includes a comfy chair, an ottoman of some kind to put your feet on, a blanket to curl up with, and a place to set a drink.

In order to have a perfect one, select the colors & furniture that suit your personality & make you feel comfortable. Pay heed to what materials & lightings are being used, only then, you will be able to design a welcoming environment & have a cozy reading corner.

Below listed are some suggestions that will help you create a relaxing reading corner for yourself- 

Speaking of the most essential factor required for a cozy reading space and considering the fact that it is always best to have a Natural Lighting in your reading space, plan on creating one which is closer to your windows. While on the other side, when most of our book lovers like to binge on to books late in the night, Artificial Lighting also plays an important role. You can always add beautiful lamps or candles to your reading space to make it look elegant even at night.

Adding a small table near your reading area can always be helpful. Sipping your refreshments like tea coffee or a glass of juice makes it a special reading time. Why not make it convenient? Besides, you can always keep all your things on the little table & make yourself comfortable. 

Utilising your space in the best way, you can always place a nice book rack where you can store all your magazines, favourite books & collection of comics. It need not be a huge one, depending on space & aesthetics, pick the one that suits you the best. The best part is, you need not wander around the house for a book, it keeps your books organised & in one place.

Choose the right seating for yourself & you’re almost there. No matter how organized your books are, or how beautifully the lightings have been arranged. As long as your seating isn't comfortable, you would never feel cozy in your reading corner. Be picky. Utilise as much time as it takes to pick yourself the best chair. Place it correctly & start reading!

Try to add some decor to your little reading space. Maybe a tiny ceramic pot, scented candles and framed photographs will make the book really feel like yours. Even a beautiful colored rug that adds to your decor, works absolutely well to a cozy reading corner. 

Most importantly, keep in mind that the aesthetic of your peaceful spot should be free from clutter. Be picky on what makes you comfortable enough that you feel escaped to another person's world while reading a book. We would love to hear from you. Let us know if these inspire you to create your reading corner or leave the pictures in the comments!

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